Marketing is is influencing our customers to take action, everything else is advertising and mechanics.

Human Touch Marketing is based on how we live as human beings.  When we understand human nature and what drives people, we can market more effectively and we can influence more creatively.  The aim of this website and associated marketing material is to empower every business owner with this knowledge and assist them in applying it, for FREE.

Smart business owners are aware that todays’ customers are looking for more than a transaction.  They understand that customers want to feel a connection with their company, they realise that their products can have a profound emotional effect on their customers lives.  Therefore, their marketing must be tailored towards their customers drives and connect with them on an emotional level.

Understand Human Nature and market from that perspectiveOur customers are not buying our products, they are buying what our products mean to them

Human Touch Marketing - Sector74

Customers want to Feel Better, Feel Safe and Feel a ConnectionWhen we understand human nature and what drives people, we can market more effectively and we can influence more creatively

Human Touch Marketing with Sector74
1. Feel Good Marketing

Companies who market themselves as ‘life enhancers’ will attract more interest in their business offerings than their counterparts.

Positively connect with customers
Human Touch Marketing with Sector74
2. Fearless Marketing

Increasing visitor confidence and quieting their fears is vital when introducing new products and services to your audience.

alleviate customer fears
3. Customer Language

If you have strong friendships and emotional bonds in your life, then you own the skills to develop marketing material that talks to your customers.

start talking their language

Why companies are choosing Human Touch Marketing

Being 'seen' isn't enough

Our clients are aware that the Internet is fast paced so they want to know how to ensure that any marketing updates will stick in the minds of their target audience.

Customer Aspiration

Smart business owners recognise that if you enhance your customers’ life they will thank you for it.  Therefore, they want to ensure that their marketing highlights any emotional lift a product has for their customer.

Collaboration not exclusion

Our clients seldomly want to drop their marketing team.  Therefore we collaborate with the incumbent to maximise their talents and their desire to see the business succeed.

Owning the success

Our clients quickly realise that they don’t need to become a Marketing Expert to be know how to ‘direct and correct’ the promotion being undertaken by ‘skilled’ 3rd parties.

Fearless marketing

It is in our nature to be cautious.  Increasing visitor confidence and quieting their fears is vital when introducing and delivering new products, services and concepts to your audience.

Every moment counts

From ad-hoc meetings to monthly retainers, our clients continually gain invaluable insights into the psychology of buying, plus effective delivery strategies to their current and ongoing marketing endeavours.

Our 3 primary delivery methods of Human Touch Marketing

Marketing Consultancy

Working around your schedule.

“Gain valuable insights surrounding your offering and how to deliver it effectively; with simple amends and strategies to your marketing material, current and ongoing. 

Plus cultivate a new mindset that will tune in to your customers buying motivations.”

Discover how this can work for your company. Email: or call: 0330 555 7474

Marketing Outsource

Flexibility, no contracts, no surprises

“Work & assistance as and when you want it.  Often clients are looking for quick meetings and concise solutions to ensure that they are not kept away from their business for longer than necessary.

“Stay in control of how much work is carried out and how fast the changes are being made.”

For a free no obligation meeting call 0330 555 7474


Working with your whole team.

“An amazing opportunity to work collaboratively with your team by focussing on why people really buy and the emotional needs they are looking to be fulfilled.

Bring 3rd Party companies you employ to ensure a maximum return, often we are able to make changes to your marketing efforts on the day.”

Take a look at what will be covered.