Customer Language

Words have power - include your customers language to make the strongest connection

Customer Language

An introduction

The online advertising world is projected to us literally at the speed of light. 

Every Social Media Post and Online interaction is absorbed or discarded with the flick of a finger, decisions on whether your marketing material is of interest is made in split seconds. 

Business owners and marketing companies are constantly on the look out for something that will make their potential customers notice and engage with their material.  Human Touch marketing is the answer.

Be careful of Coercion Marketing. 

We use the phrase 'Coercion Marketing' to describe marketing tactics that are underhand, manipulative and misleading. 

The pressure on businesses and their marketing team to get ahead of their competition has never been as intense as it is today. 

This has led to marketing companies resorting to such tactics such as misleading posts, advert ridden pages, fake news and clickbait, to name a few. 

The current backlash on Clickbait shows that people are not just irritated by such tactics they are also insulted. 

Stay away from marketing companies that attempt to sell you down this path.

To be heard, we must first listen

Only when we know the internal dialogue of our customer base can we truly speak to them

Human Touch Marketing - The Marketing MindsetAs we have mentioned before Marketing is influence. 

As human beings we are only truly influenced by those we love, respect and trust. 

When we are around those with the same interests as ourselves or where there is a strong emotional bond we tend to use the same words and phrases (language), even to the point of finishing each others sentences. 

Where there is connection and a sense of togetherness there is a common language.

So when we overhear conversations or read content that includes language that resonates deep within us we cannot help but feel a connection. 

Conversely, those times we are in conversations that contains language we find objectionable we are often mentally looking for the door.

Those moments we find ourselves drawn to a Product, Company or an individual, are 'Power Moments'. 

Their marketing is speaking our language and having a profoundly positive effect on our mental state. 

Influencing our customers during such moments is vital to us as a business owners, we must use our customers' language to engage at the highest level possible

Video, music, photography and graphics are all also born from our customer language. 

Our customers language is more than just words, it is a dialogue of what appeals to them and what repels them. 

Everything that goes into any of our marketing efforts has a language underpinning it. 

We can either make it up, which most people do, or create content that has it's roots in the very words and phrases of our customer base.

Consider the ‘Language’ of kids

An example of how the right language makes all the difference

Every young generation has it’s buzz words, slang terms and conversations that often make no sense to older generations.

If you consider teens to be your target audience, using their ‘Language’ to stylise your marketing content will go a long way to attract their attention and influence their internal decision making.  They are far more likely to consider your business as a company that represents them and their interests.

However, this has to be done with elegance, as you do not want your content to appear patronising or a poor attempt to infiltrate their clique.

Whoever your customers are, they also have their own ‘language’ (If your business has several customer types then there will be several languages) and by adapting your content to include their language these customers cannot help noticing you and feel a stronger bond towards your company.

Initial Steps

Let's get started on applying the benefits of customer language to your business

Human Touch Marketing - The Marketing Mindset1. Listen to your customers. 

Your customers are telling you what to say, how to sell to them, what turns them on and off.  However, businesses owners and representatives are often too busy in our own heads to take note of this vital information.

There is not always a need to pay companies to find this information out, the clues are everywhere,

In your conversations, your emails with customers, plus social media, online discussions and review sites are a great resource for how people really feel about 'you'.

Start paying attention and note down the words and phrases that are repeatedly used by your customer base.

2. Replicate their language to build rapport.

It is in our nature to be drawn towards people who speak like we do. 

When we come across marketing content that uses our language we feel a strong connection, almost as though we know the person or the company on a deeper level.

Take the above words and phrases that you have noted down and start peppering your content with them.  Use these words and phrases in headlines and titles to grab attention.



1. Increase Positivity

because people like to feel good.

If your marketing moves your customers to feel better than they currently do, they are far more likely to spend time on your marketing material and more likely to buy from you or recommend you.

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2. No Fear!

because people fear the unfamiliar.

It is in our nature to be cautious of anything new.  In business where new customers are constantly sought, this subconscious fear (uncertainty) is something potential customers will be feeling.

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3. You talkin’ to me?

because rapport connects people.

People cannot help but like and be drawn towards those who talk like they do.  Ensure your marketing content includes the language (words & phrases) that your customer base uses.

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The question should never be How can we sell more products?” but rather Why do people really buy these products?”  The answers to these questions result in a very different marketing approach being adopted.  The former is the traditional route which is a continual battle, the latter is my approach which puts businesses head and shoulders above their competition.

All your marketing will be wrapped in this client centric perspective, all those who promote and represent your company in any way will have far more insight into what attracts customers and what repels them.

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Most business owners are on the back foot when looking to improve their marketing, because the skillset required is often not their own. Plus a lot of marketing services & products do not increase conversion, they only increase reach.  Ultimately if your marketing is not being effective now, increasing your reach merely means that you are paying money for even more people to be disinterested.

Consultancy allows you to tune into your customers buying motivations, to gain valuable insights surrounding your offering and how to deliver it effectively.  Consultancy is ad-hoc with clients often looking for quick meetings with concise solutions to ensure that they are not kept away from their business any longer than necessary.

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An amazing opportunity to work collaboratively with your team by focusing on why people really buy and discover how to wrap your business promotions in Behavioural Marketing for maximum results

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