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Fearless Marketing

An introduction

It is in our nature to be cautious, especially when encountering new marketing material and unknown representatives.  

Etched in our nervous system are automatic reactions based on a Fear Reflex.  This Fear Reflex is our inherited 'fight or flight' survival mechanism, which has been part of the human psyche ever since our days as cave dwellers where it literally made the difference between life and death.

Fortunately, the modern world is far removed from the dangers we faced 50,000 years ago. 

Unfortunately, evolution is very slow and research says lasting evolutionary change takes about one million years! 

Therefore it will be a long time before evolution adapts our nervous system for the new and unique realities of the world we currently live in.

Today's consumer world is a relentless bombardment of bigger, faster and more aggressive marketing. 

This marketing bombardment does not have the literal threat that our cave dwelling ancestors endured however, our customers automatic 'fight or flight' fear response is still kicking in. 

Therefore you need to be sure that when your potential customers encounter your marketing material that you have done your best to be aware of any fears, real or imagined and made efforts to alleviate them.



Why it is important when marketing

Fear is a natural human reaction, therefore it is your job to make your customers feel safe.Human Touch Marketing - The Marketing Mindset

Marketing experts say "you must stand out from the crowd".  

This is true, but it is HOW you stand out from the crowd that will heighten your customers wariness of your business.  

Marketing must employ confidence building material which elegantly handles the conscious and subconscious fears surrounding your business offerings.

It is also vitally important to ensure that the appearance, mannerisms, knowledge and dialogue of everyone representing your business is aimed at calming any uncertainty potential customers may have.

Customers buy into you when their confidence level has been reached.  

Fear of the unknown, memories of past problems, scare stories from the news and gossip from people who really do not know what they are talking about, can all cause problems for you when you are attempting to build your customers confidence.

The first step is awareness of how your customers feel about your industry and the products you are selling. 

From this awareness you can then build content that quells these fears without mentioning them directly (never sell on a negative) 

Secondly, ensure that everyone representing your business (including yourselves) are open, trustworthy and of an appearance that is welcoming. 

The biggest turn offs are arrogance, personal hygiene and lack of personal space, these are very easy ways to lose custom, but are also very simple things to amend.

Initial Steps

Let's get started on applying Fearless Marketing to your business

1. Discover industry negatives.  Start paying attention to the complaints and problems related to your industry and products.  Stories in the news and media can give you a good indication of how your industry is perceived and noting down the negatives is a good place to start.

Now consider these 'issues' in relation to your business and create marketing content that explains how your business eradicates or diminishes these 'issues'.

2. Discover product / service negatives.  There are many 'Review' websites out there where you can look at the complaints and opinions of customers who have bought similar products / services to your own elsewhere.

As above, consider these 'issues' in relation to your products / services and create marketing content that explains how your business eradicates or diminishes these 'issues'.

3. Pay attention during first encounters. When people encounter someone new, their guard is usually up and their fears are often more pronounced. However, there is often vital information within those first time interactions.

Unfortunately, we are often too busy waiting to sell or to sing the praises of our company that we miss these genuine concerns and fears. 

Take note of any issues, past experiences or misinformation that you are hearing and use them to create marketing material that eradicates or diminishes them.




1. Increase Positivity

because people like to feel good.

If your marketing moves your customers to feel better than they currently do, they are far more likely to spend time on your marketing material and more likely to buy from you or recommend you.

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2. No Fear!

because people fear the unfamiliar.

It is in our nature to be cautious of anything new.  In business where new customers are constantly sought, this subconscious fear (uncertainty) is something potential customers will be feeling.

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3. You talkin’ to me?

because rapport connects people.

People cannot help but like and be drawn towards those who talk like they do.  Ensure your marketing content includes the language (words & phrases) that your customer base uses.

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The question should never be How can we sell more products?” but rather Why do people really buy these products?”  The answers to these questions result in a very different marketing approach being adopted.  The former is the traditional route which is a continual battle, the latter is my approach which puts businesses head and shoulders above their competition.

All your marketing will be wrapped in this client centric perspective, all those who promote and represent your company in any way will have far more insight into what attracts customers and what repels them.

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Most business owners are on the back foot when looking to improve their marketing, because the skillset required is often not their own. Plus a lot of marketing services & products do not increase conversion, they only increase reach.  Ultimately if your marketing is not being effective now, increasing your reach merely means that you are paying money for even more people to be disinterested.

Consultancy allows you to tune into your customers buying motivations, to gain valuable insights surrounding your offering and how to deliver it effectively.  Consultancy is ad-hoc with clients often looking for quick meetings with concise solutions to ensure that they are not kept away from their business any longer than necessary.

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An amazing opportunity to work collaboratively with your team by focusing on why people really buy and discover how to wrap your business promotions in Behavioural Marketing for maximum results

Bring 3rd Party companies you employ to ensure a maximum return.

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