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Feel Good Marketing

An introduction

The moment customers encounter your marketing, emotions are flooding their system.

When a potential customer comes across your marketing material, their decision to buy is based on how they are feeling at that very moment.  

Therefore it is vital to scrutinise the 'Feel Good Factor' of your marketing output.  If they are in a poor state of mind, is the material going to make them feel better? 

Conversely, if they are in a positive state of mind is the material going to keep that 'Feel Good Factor', or is it going to confuse, frustrate and have them moving on?

Feel Good Marketing positively connects with your customers internal needs and desires. 
Customers no longer believe without question what companies say, and today they are looking for more from their purchases than mere ownership.  They need to believe that by choosing certain products and certain companies that their life will be improved in some way and / or their personal value will be increased.

A poor mindset delivers poor marketing

Human Touch Marketing - The Marketing MindsetMarketing material and personal interaction must be positively engaging
Marketing involves creative material (branding, websites, social media, video to name a few) and personal interaction by business owners, sales staff and company representatives.  In both cases the mind set needs to be correct.

Marketing Material created when you are not fully focused will be laboured and will be received poorly from potential customers.  If third party providers are creating marketing material and their focus is simply getting through the work and onto the next client, the material provided will be rushed and the quality will be inferior.  Again this will be received poorly from potential customers.

Personal Interaction involves making the best impression possible, if you or your sales team are tired, poorly turned out or focused on personal challenges, the impression can be of a company that is not on top of it's game. If you are not excited about our business, can you expect anyone else to be?  No business can reasonably expect to attract customers if they are not 'appealing' to their audience.

Initial Steps

Let's get started on applying Feel Good Marketing to your business

Human Touch Marketing - The Marketing Mindset1. Add Humour.
Ensuring people feel good they encounter your marketing material is crucial, unfortunately it takes a fair amount of work to achieve this across the board.  However, a quick way to get started on this is to use humour.

Word play on headlines and shares of amusing material relevant to your industry is a sure way to make your audience feel better.  This may seem overly simplistic, however most companies are either too serious or lazy with their marketing material and content can feel very heavy or uninspiring.  A light hearted touch will go a long way for clients to remember you.

2. Be Consistent.
Create a style that becomes recognisable for those who encounter your marketing.  Colour schemes, language, fonts and image styles are important to keep consistent, however they layout of content and even the time of day that updates are released is also crucial.

Stay consistent in your approach across all your marketing platforms.

3. Be Enthusiastic.
When talking to your friends and family about your business you are not in a selling frame of mind.  You are talking about how your business will change the world and how your customers have a better life for using you, in essence you are enthusiastic.  This is how all your customer interactions should be.  If you are not enthusiastic about our business, you cannot expect anyone else to be.




1. Increase Positivity

because people like to feel good.

If your marketing moves your customers to feel better than they currently do, they are far more likely to spend time on your marketing material and more likely to buy from you or recommend you.

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2. No Fear!

because people fear the unfamiliar.

It is in our nature to be cautious of anything new.  In business where new customers are constantly sought, this subconscious fear (uncertainty) is something potential customers will be feeling.

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3. You talkin’ to me?

because rapport connects people.

People cannot help but like and be drawn towards those who talk like they do.  Ensure your marketing content includes the language (words & phrases) that your customer base uses.

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The question should never be How can we sell more products?” but rather Why do people really buy these products?”  The answers to these questions result in a very different marketing approach being adopted.  The former is the traditional route which is a continual battle, the latter is my approach which puts businesses head and shoulders above their competition.

All your marketing will be wrapped in this client centric perspective, all those who promote and represent your company in any way will have far more insight into what attracts customers and what repels them.

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Most business owners are on the back foot when looking to improve their marketing, because the skillset required is often not their own. Plus a lot of marketing services & products do not increase conversion, they only increase reach.  Ultimately if your marketing is not being effective now, increasing your reach merely means that you are paying money for even more people to be disinterested.

Consultancy allows you to tune into your customers buying motivations, to gain valuable insights surrounding your offering and how to deliver it effectively.  Consultancy is ad-hoc with clients often looking for quick meetings with concise solutions to ensure that they are not kept away from their business any longer than necessary.

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An amazing opportunity to work collaboratively with your team by focusing on why people really buy and discover how to wrap your business promotions in Behavioural Marketing for maximum results

Bring 3rd Party companies you employ to ensure a maximum return.

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